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The Match Between Sophs and Freshmen—The Opening; Freshmen and Sophs; Juniors and Seniors
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
The Eagle's Nest
Christmas—Gathering Evergreens and The Christmas Tree; Santa Claus and his Presents and Christmas Out of Doors
Thanksgiving Day—Ways and Means and  Thanksgiving Day—Arrival at the Old Home; Thanksgiving Day—The Dinner and Thanksgiving Day—The Dance
Christmas Belles
Christmas Boxes in Camp—Christmas, 1861
Thanksgiving Day—Ways and Means, and, Thanksgiving Day—Arrival at the Old Home
Santa Claus and His Presents, and, Christmas Out of Doors
A Winter Morning,—Shovelling Out
Camping out in the Adirondack Mountains
Trapping in the Adirondacks
The Wreck of the "Atlantic"—Cast up by the Sea
Two Guides
Tenth Commandment