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Pierre-Auguste Renoir
French, 1841–1919
Oil on canvas
Acquired by Sterling and Francine Clark, 1922

  "While Renoir was justly famous for his female nudes, these naked onions are the painting that I would take home to live with. They both celebrate the beauty to be found in humble origins and the ecstasy experienced by a northerner on his contact with the light and sensuality of the Mediterranean. They are waiting willingly to be sautéed with garlic and oil for the noonday meal."

James Wood
Former Director of the Art Institute of Chicago and Clark Trustee
Bristol, Rhode Island

"My favorite painting is of the onions sitting on the table. I love to eat onions! If I had to write about onions I could write at least five different stories. If I had to rate this painting between one through five I would definitely rate it a big five! My friends even thought it was cool and funny."

Michael Gancarz
Fourth Grade
Gabriel Abbott Memorial School
Florida, Massachusetts


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