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Paul Revere, Jr.
American, 1734–1818
Sugar Bowl and Cover
Boston, c. 1795
Acquired with funds donated by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Morris Burrows, 1987

  "Among my favorites in the Clark's amazing collection is this diminutive treasure—nearly hidden from view amongst the splendor of the museum. I can picture the original owner, Miss Sarah Sargent Ellery, clapping her hands in delight at the combination of style, taste, beauty, and satisfying heft of this essential table accessory. It is restrained in design and ornament, yet its generous proportions and towering lid give it an imposing presence. In this sugar urn, beauty and function exist in perfect harmony, enlivened by graceful scrolls of acorns and leaves. There is a hint of deeper feeling in this ordered world—the twist of flame that forms the finial is like a beacon, alerting us to the fire that burns below the surface of silver, beneath the proper veneer of New England young ladies, and in the hearts of patriots willing to risk all for their country."

Kathleen Morris
Director of Exhibitions and Collections
Curator of Decorative Arts
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
Williamstown, Massachusetts


The Clark
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