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Designed by Sir Lawrence Alma–Tadema
English, born Netherlands, 1836–1912
Fall Painted by Edward J. Poynter
English, 1836–1919
Grand Piano and Pair of Stools
Ebony veneer with boxwood, sandalwood, cedar, ivory, coral, mother–of–pearl, copper, brass, and pewter
Acquired by the Clark, 1997

  "This exquisite and fancy piano moves me, and it is not for the sound from its strings or pianists, for they sound kind of alike to me. It is the conception, design, craftsmanship, and ownership, and the constant trickle down that ripples through time since its late-nineteenth-century inception and forward into the future. The principal players (Marquand, Alma-Tadema, Codman, Poynter, Johnstone Norman, Steinway) have left us with the most interesting touchstone of superb quality, and a story that continues to unfold in the collections of our museums."

Hugh Glover
Furniture Conservator
Williamstown Art Conservation Center
Williamstown, Massachusetts


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