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Pierre-Auguste Renoir
French, 1841–1919
At the Concert
Oil on canvas
Acquired by Sterling and Francine Clark, 1928

  "Though the Clarks collected several different artists, nowhere is their passion for an artist as evident as with Renoir. At the Concert epitomizes what the Clarks so loved about Renoir at the peak of his Impressionist powers. The piece is drop-dead gorgeous in its own right, but the subject of beautiful young women in fashionable contemporary surroundings, painted with tender soft brushstrokes and masterful choice of complementary color, is pure Renoir at his finest. Renoir himself once said something to the effect that a painting should be a thing of beauty, something to please the eye, and the Clarks understood this completely. If there is one piece that sums up the Clarks' passion for Renoir and Impressionism at its best, this is it!"

Thomas Archambeau, M.D.
Diagnostic Radiologist
Okemos, Michigan
Member since 1996


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