Nature | Emotion

Both Dove and O'Keeffe believed that art, life, and consciousness were interconnected. Their sensitivity to the physical world inspired their inventive responses to nature's sensations and spectacles. They sought to reflect the "essence" of landscapes or natural objects in their colorful abstractions and to express their emotions while listening to music or watching the sun rise or rain fall. In the wake of the Armory Show, artists and critics contemplated the future of art in the United States, pondering how painting could reflect a distinctly modern American sensibility. Several heralded the dynamic, nature-based abstractions of O'Keeffe and Dove as particularly reflective of the spirit and robustness they attributed to the country and its landscape.

Arthur Dove, "Fog Horns," 1929. Oil on canvas. Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Anonymous Gift, FA 1954.1 [Courtesy of and copyright The Estate of Arthur Dove / Courtesy Terry Dintenfass, Inc.]

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