During the 1890s and early 1900s, Giovanni Boldini achieved tremendous popularity in Europe and the United States as a painter of striking, stylish portraits. Indeed, he was one of the great portrait painters of his time. Earlier in his career, however, he explored a wide range of other subjects including landscapes, urban views, and scenes of everyday life. Boldini moved to Paris from his native Italy in 1871, and like his French contemporaries, he was fascinated by the life of the city: its bustling streets, its cafés, and concert halls, and the surrounding countryside.

This exhibition demonstrates Boldini's interest in both traditional art as well as the innovative techniques of the Impressionists and it offers a fascinating opportunity to re-examine the work of a virtuoso painter during an exciting period of experimentation.

The Clark's connection to Boldini is unique. Sterling Clark and Boldini lived in Paris in the 1910s and Clark purchased most of his works by Boldini during the artist's lifetime. Today, the Clark houses the largest number of works by Boldini in the United States.

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