Music Day with I/O Fest

Music Day with I/O Fest


January 15, 2017

1:00 PM-3:30 PM

Clark Center

Enjoy two special one-hour musical presentations at the Clark—bring the whole family!

1 pm: I/Out Loud: Kids Make Music!
I/O Fest and Ephs Out Loud present a family event in which kids explore sound, build instruments, and create new music. Get your ears messy with games, activities, and workshops exploring the amazing sound world of new music. Led by students from Ephs Out Loud, composers from Williams College, and special guest composer Jacob Walls, kids have the opportunity to create their own musical compositions and hear them played on real instruments. Be ready to make some noise and invent new sounds!

2:30 pm: Out of the Box: Drumming
I/O Fest presents Steve Reich’s landmark 1971 work Drumming. Experience this extraordinary deep dive into the sound of drums and percussion instruments up close and directly.

About I/O Fest
Matthew Gold, director
I/O Fest is the Williams College Department of Music’s annual immersion in the music of today. Over the course of four days and nights, students, faculty, guest performers, and audiences delve deeply into new and adventurous music from around the world and down the street. Performances take full advantage of the ’62 Center for Theatre & Dance as well as locations such as the Clark Art Institute, making use of unconventional spaces to reach audiences in new ways. Featuring guest artists and composers, and performances by I/O Ensemble, IOTA Ensemble, and many others, I/O invites listeners to explore the music of now.

About Ephs Out Loud
Ephs Out Loud is a student-led initiative, sponsored by the Williams College Music Department and designed to promote community engagement and collaboration through music. Ephs Out Loud provides opportunities for Williams students to participate in programs including community-based performances and workshops, educational programs at local schools, and partnerships with Williams groups and local organizations. Ephs Out Loud believes in the power of music to build community and promote collaboration among people with different backgrounds and experiences.